HiFiBerry OS Snapcast server Option in UI


i am using a DAC+ADC Pro for some time. My idea was to use it as a source for streaming audio from analogue sources. To be specific, the output of a turntable. A sacrilege, i know. ;-) I used the stock raspbian to implement it with pulseadio and snapserver and it works quite ok.

I was thinking, it would be nice to have this option to digitize and stream with HiFiBerry OS by itself and use the audio with another client.

HiFiBerry OS is nicely lightweight and as far as i experienced it so far, stable. That is why i would prefer it by a large margin over a stock raspian because my raspberry pi will get shut off by killing power on a regular basis.

Think of my idea like bridging a couple of meters between audio components without the need of cables. An additional benefit would be streamability to several rooms for example.

I understand, that HiFiBerry OS is thought as a player but why not the suggestion as an (advanced) option to integrate vintage audio-gear in this streaming eco-system? 





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