BeoCreate speaker impedance and jumpers


I'm just getting started with Beocreate for a new portable squeeze-player boombox.  My project will be 2-way stereo and I'm in the middle of selecting drivers, but the only beocreate tech specs I've found are a little vauge.  Is there a detailed datasheet I'm missing?

The board uses three tpa3128d2 class-D amps, which looks to be one in Stereo for the two 30w channels, and one each in PBTL for the two 60w channels.  What speaker impedance should be used for the Beocreate's 60w channels? The TI datasheet [1] characterizes harmonic distortion for 2ohm load with a 12v supply, and 3ohm load with a 24v supply, but I'm left unclear how this board is expected to be used.

The hifiberry docs [2] propose powering the board with between 12 & 20v, but the TI spec implies 24v is required to hit 60W output.

Some specific questions:

  1. Can I power the board with >20v? The tpa3128d2 has a max supply voltage of 30V (Table 6.1). I assume Pi & DSP sit behind a regulated supply rather than directly on the board supply voltage.
  2. Is the Hifiberry 60W per channel spec'd for driving a 2 ohm load or a 4 ohm load, and what supply voltage should be used for this stated output?  tpa3128d2 Table 6.3 recommends a nominal 2 ohms when in PBTL.
  3. Less important for my project, but ditto the 30w channels, 4 ohms seems optimal?
  4. Is there documentation for the headers under the pi?  E.g. JP2, P6, P9 and the RESET / HP7 lines?


Many thanks - if there is some detailed technical documentation for this board that I'm missing, I'd appreciate a shove in the right direction!  :)


Many thanks,



[1] https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa3128d2.pdf

[2] https://www.hifiberry.com/beocreate/beocreate-doc/beocreate-hardware-documentation/


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