RPi4 + LibreELEC + DIGI+ no AC3 but DTS works great


I have put my question at the KODI forum and there they say I have to ask in the HiFiBerry forum, so here I go.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 with DIGI+ and LibreELEC 9.2.0 KODI 18.5 Leia

In the /flash/config.txt I have added dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi

The DIGI+ is connectoed to my Kenwood KRF-V8030D ampliefier via SPDIF.

DTS is working perfectly but AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1 does not.
I already have tried so many settings, read online forums but still no solution found.

Here is a similar issue from 2016:

Mabe someone knows what the problem is?



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