No sound over Hifiberry Digi+ on S/PID.RX

I have bought and put together a new RPI 4 and a new Hifiberry Digi+ Standard. Getting sound out of the Digi+ on the S/PID.RX is not possible. However I can get Sound through the AIF configuration.

Alsamixer indicates on F4 that “this sound device does not have any capture controles”.

I have added the line : dtoverlay = hifiberry-digi to the /boot/config.txt and have fixed the rasp so that overlays are permitted.

However none of this works and I am at my wits end. What else can be done?

I would like advice, am capable of working in Linux a bit

I have two RPI 1b cards with a Digi card each and those work fine with some adjustments to the software as I once read it described for OpenElec.

Can anyone offer assistance?

Ton Affourtit Assen Netherlands




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