Hifiberry DAC+ Pro issue with I2C OLED


I have developed an application to provide an OLED display for a music
player running on a Raspberry Pi.


I have received a report of an issue when a small SH1106 I2C OLED is used with a Hifiberry DAC+ Pro on Moode. When there is an action that causes the music to start or stop (presumably when the DAC is using the I2C bus) the OLED freezes, and this also causes the audio output to become silent. If the OLED program is started when music is playing it the OLED behaves correctly and there is audio output.

The report and discussion on the Moode forum start here


I wonder if  anyone is aware of any issues running an I2C OLED with the
Hifiberry DAC+ Pro?

For extra information, this was a follow up to another report of the same behaviour using a SSD1306 I2C OLED with a similar PCM5122 DAC (on Volumio and Moode).

Is anybody successfully using an I2C OLED with with a PCM5122 DAC?

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for resolving the issue?

Thanks for any help!



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