Digi+ Pro - both coax outputs at same time?

Hello HifiBerry Community,

I'm using a Digi+ Pro and I soldered the optional BNC connector, works great. Now I have a question regarding output usage. For cable tests, I want to use the

  •  - RCA coax output AND
  •  - BNC coax output

at the same time (my Chord Qutest DAC has two BNC inputs, so with a RCA-BNC adapter I can easy switch between two cables).

So, is it OK to use both coax outputs at the same time?
I ask, because I assume the coax ouputs are connected parallel, so the terminating resistor will be 37.5 ohm (two 75 ohm in parallel). This can result in

  •  - "too low voltages" on the coax cables (?)
  •  - "too heavy load" on the output of the WM8804 transceiver (?)


Thanks for your answers/ideas

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