MoOdeAudio after installation Beocreate RL6000 profile with HifiberryOS: no sound

Hoped that the latest HifiberryOS  for my RL6000 would be enough for installing MoOde audio software. but unfortunately it's not.  I prefer MoOde Audio for it's interface and additional scripting. With the Beocreate imagefile from dec 2019 It works fine for the CX50 en CX100.

With HifiberryOS all works fine but with MoodeAudio there is no sound.

These are my steps so far:

1) Install Hifiberry OS for the RL 6000 profile

2) Install MoOdeAudio

3) Install the DSPtoolkit (with the following command:

bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/install-dsptoolkit)

4) I choose Beocreate from MoOde Audio menu

5) MoOde is playing but I don't hear any sound. (Volume setting is software control)

Output of :   # dsptoolkit read-hex 62848 

                   00 00 00 00 

This is my config.txt:


I suppose I forget to set an extra DSP toolkit parameter?


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