Hifiberry OS with Dac+ADC but no analogue input

Good morning,

I have had the DAC+ADC now for quite some time but never got it to work properly. I can use the output RCAs for connecting to an amplifier and play music via airplay or squeezelite just fine.

But with the analogue input I have some troubles. I have never gotten them to work. On the weekend I installed the latest version of hifiberry os (2020-02-26) because it says that the DAC+ADC works out of the box. However I do not get it to work.

The Raspberry Pi 3B with teh soundcard is connected to an amplifier. Ethernet connection is wired and the 3,5mm jack is from my computer to the input on the DAC+ADC.

My thinking is that this is sufficient so that hifiberry os can detect if something is played there.

Unfortunately I do not find the settings page in hifiberry os if the right soundcard is selected (on the card it says DAC+ADC HW 1.2).

What can I check or what do I need to do so that I can play music from my computer?


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