I2S output from Digi/DAC Pro

Hi, I have both a DAC+ and Digi+ Pro’s. I’ve been using them for a while, and now trying to integrate an AMB Gamma2 DAC module. I have set up the Gamma2 initially directly to the RPI through GPIO and it works, but drivers are a bit problematic. Thus, I was thinking to use the Digi and take i2s from there instead of the RPI directly. I found the pinout of P6 header on a different topic. My questions are as follows: 1) Is the i2s line from the Digi p6 header after the galvanic isolation? 2) Is it reclocked? The y2 has an onboard ASRC and clock and does not need an MCLK, but that can be disabled. If it is reclocked, wondeing if it would make a difference to take the clock from Digi or y2 Thanks


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