Trackday Car Audio AMP2+ RaspberryPi 4 with Encoder and Timer

Hi Guys,

Today Im showing you what i did for my Track Day Clio for my long trips to Germany Nurburgring. 

Updated the speakers to Herts 16.5cm and Tweeter Set with cross overs.

Running a Linux based OS with Android Auto for spotify and maps. 

Sound Deadening the Doors etc

Rotary Encoder to Control the Software Volume and Mute Functions

Buck DC -DC Step-up  10Amps 19Volts

Timer control when ignition is on and off.

using the Amp2+ for the Speakers.

Can play Retro Games and Watch Films (Parked up of course)

I might change the Amp2+ for the aa60 with a dac+ pro,  I want to Fit a Sub, but the amp 2 doesn't have an output.. maybe this way, i can use one of the Phono  outputs for the sub amplifier? if anyone's know if this would work? 






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