Need BeoCreate CX50 power connect diagram - removed from site



I have the BeoCreate along with a pair of CX50's and I'm looking for the power connector diagram to wire up the Beocreate. Specifically, I'm looking for the diagram to solder the power connector pins to connect to the Beocreate board.

The power connector is sold here on the hifiberry site:



The CX50 documentation USED TO have this diagram but it seems to have been removed from any/all documentation for upcycling CX50/100 speakers.

There's three pins on the power connector, and positive & negative wires that need to be soldered on. But I can't find this diagram anywhere.

Does anyone have this diagram or can point me to it?

Thank you for your help. I'm looking forward to hearing the Beocreate play one day.


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