Headless pi for the bedroom

Greetings folks,

I have a Raspberry pi 3, a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro, an external hard drive, and a premium connection to Spotify all sitting together waiting to stream music in my bedroom. The problem is that I am struggling finding the right distro to serve as my conduit to aural pleasure.

I initially tried Volumio. I love the minimalist nature of the interface through windows and android devices. Sadly though things aren't right between Volumio and HiFiBerry apparently. The most recent version of Volumio will not recognize the DAC+ Pro and when I reverted to an older distro of Volumio it played files from the hard drive just fine, but it wouldn't successfully log into Spotify with either available plugin.

I then installed HiFiBerryOS which is also very minimalist in its interface (subjectively better than Volumio). The setup was amazingly fast. Spotify ran perfectly well, BUT I can't find a way for it to recognize the attached music via the USB hard drive. Apparently, they don't support music via attached hard drives?

Now I'm back with my pretty electronic components sitting on a dresser waiting for me to do something with them. I thought this project was going to be easy, but it's becoming a chore. What Raspberry pi distro are folks using to stream and play music?


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