How to control audio volume on Raspberry pi 4 + hifiberry DAC+ ?

Hello, i'm posting this because i would like to ask you some questions about DAC+ and how it works with other parts. I want to build a speaker with car audio components. I have a car amplifier from Focal, it's name is Focal FD-2.350. It's a stereo amplifier with RCA audio input. I would like to connect it with a Hifiberry dac+ coupled with a raspberry pi 4 with OSMC. I know i can control audio volume on the amplifier, but it only needs to be set one time, the amp technical sheet tells that i need to put my audio device at max volume, then i select my max audio volume on the amp. So how can i control the audio volume of the whole speaker without touching the amp? Is there any volume control on OSMC or raspberry or Hifiberry DAC+ ? I've red many things about hardware volume control, software volume control, OSMC volume control, but i don't fully understand so i'm asking you to be sure. I hope you know how to control the RCA audio output volume that goes to the Focal amp. Thanks for reading my post i hope you'll answer me ^^


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