Speakers will not work post update


I have been struggling since i moved to a new house and thought i would update to the newest software version of beocreate. It is a Beocreate board with a raspberry Pi B3+.

Speakers are a pair of CX100
DSP= Beocreate universal version 10.

I updated to the newst software version and have not been able to get the board working correctly ever since. I have been i dialogue with Daniel from Hifiberry with various issues along the way. But they are still not working as they should.
Daniel made sure my DSP probile was updated and the software was working as it should.

The status is now that i cannot make the speakers available on Airplay or through any other WIFI device (tried with three different Iphones). i can only connect to them through bluetooth.
When connected with bluetooth i can only play at 30% of the volume. It was 10% before updating the DSP profile. One of the speakers are also louder than the other.

I am lost for clues for what to do. They played perfectly prior to the update. My only suggestion is that the wiring setup have changed with the new software and DSP proile. I hope some of you B&O experts can tell me whether that is true or not.

I will be glad as long as they work with bluetooth connected.




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