Audio spikes and distortion with Roon


I am running Beocreate on a stereo setup with CX100s, powered by the latest HifiBerryOS.

When playing music via Roon, is see two strange behaviors:

1. Audio spikes, randomly the music gets louder, eg from 42 to 65, sometimes only for 0.5 seconds, sometimes permanently (and those values are just examples, it can also go order and also beyond the set comfort limit).

2. Sometimes music via Roon is distorted, Spotify Connect works just fine - and after switching back to Roon it sometimes works well then, too.

This only happens on this system with Roon, not with Spotify. I also run another system with HifiBerryDAC+, (with RopieeeXL) which never behaves like that...

Any idea?




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