step-by-step for cx100 upcycling with beocreate


I just finished setting up my pair of cx100 with the beocreate 4CA. Since the process was not always as smooth as I expected, I describe here the steps I had to take. Hopefully it might be helpful to others, and I also hope that the hifiberry team will tell me if I did anything wrong ;)


- CX100
- beocreate 4CA
- raspberry pi 3A+ (no ethernet, wifi only)


- mount the pi on the 4CA board, flash the microSD card with the latest hifiberryOS (hifiberryos-20191220-pi3.zip - this includes the beocreate software in case you wonder…)

- power on the setup, wait 1' or so, connect your computer to the Beocreate_setup_xxx wifi network, open in your browser (somehow hifiberry.local never worked for me…), select you wifi and enter password. connect your computer to your default network (now the computer and the pi should be on the same network)

- look for the pi IP address in your router interface (http://beocreate.local might work as well…), select the sound preset.

- Connect the speakers wires to the 4CA board; I followed the wiring shown in the guide for stereo setup (with twitter polarity inverted: purple <> white).
Indeed, it seems that "that the colors on the wires for the tweeters (purple and white) in the stereo-guide are reversed compared to the single speaker setup guide. I guess the single speakers setup is the correct one when it comes to polarity." cf https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360006921018/comments/360001031217

- remove the MUTE and VLOUME_LIMITATION jumpers

At this point, I could play music on the setup but the volume was very low (ie max volume similar to quiet human voice. I figured out that this is a bug in the current hifiberryOS: https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360008691498/comments/360001256437

- In order to fix the volume issue, I add to run `dsptoolkit set-volume 0.9` on the pi.
  1. enable ssh access in the web interface (General > Remote Login).
  2. in terminal, `ssh root@beocreate.local` (default password is hifiberry).
  3. I got error "Profile doesn't support volume control" when using dsptoolkit commands; so I tried to reselect the sound preset (no luck!) and finally reinstalled the DSP program (Sound > Advanced > DSP Programs then click in the current program and hit the reinstall button).
  4. run `dsptoolkit set-volume 0.9` successfully!


Enjoy music!


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