Pi 3B+ or Pi 4B newbie and totally confused!

Hello, I have recently decided to build a raspberry pi music player and have decided to use the Dac+ Pro as my output device. I have been reading your blog to gather as much useful info possible for my project and I note that you recommend using the pi model 3b over the new pi 4 model (pi 4 extra heat = electrical noise interference and power consumption etc... All valid points that I have taken on board. However when I go to your shop, all the products you sell seem to be tailored to the P4 model? (in fact I can't find any pi 3 based products for sale? I am looking in particular for the steel case. Do you have the case for the pi 3 B please? (all I see is the pi 4 version). Ps, I haven't bought my pi 3B+ yet. I have sourced them, and they are now much more expensive than the the. New Pi 4?? So have you changed your consensus? Are you now suggesting that the P4 would be a better option for a media player than the pi 3b+ ? I'm confused as your blog seems to contradict the products that you sell in your shop? I am very excited and can't wait start this new project, but I haven't ordered any of the components yet, as I keep reading conflicting opinions and information. Please could you help? Kind Regards Jools


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