Digi+ Pro relocate coax socket

I am making a custom case for my RPi and Digi+ Pro and the intent is to have all the connections (USB, ethernet, power, digital coaxial) on one side. I've done this with Hifiberry DACs in the past. But in this case I want to extend the coaxial digital output to a panel mount phono socket.

I know I can remove the PCB mounted phono socket and run short flying leads to the panel mount socket. But rather than removing the socket, can I use flying leads from P4 (the uninstalled BNC socket location)? It looks like the traces from the smaller holes head over to the phono socket area. If so which is connected to signal and which is neutral?

Trying to determine with a multimeter seemed to show signal and neutral were connected (e.g. 0.7 ohm) so I couldn't tell for sure which is which at P4.





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