Hifi Digi+ and Alsa EQ vs Dac+DSP

Hi I have a question. I'm currently using a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Digi+ board to output digitally to an external DAC. I'm running DietPI. Now because I want to get rid of some room issues in the lower frequencies, I'm currently using the Alsa Equalizer to do this, which functionally works fine, but I notice that the sound quality of feeding the signal through Asla-EQ instead of directly to the HW output in DietPI, is lower. I can EQ, but with a lower sound quality as drawback.

No I am looking into the DAC+DPS not necessarily for hte DAC, but for the DSP, and was wondering if I use the DSP for my equalization purposes, would the sound quality improve over using the Alsa-EQ?

Many thanks.

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