HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro not working with 24/192 files

I'm using the 64 bit standard version of PicorePlayer, not the 32bit Audio tweekers version. I've been running the b7 beta since it was released with no problems at all. Its running on the Rpi4 with official Rpi touchscreen and Jivelite. But, I just tried to play a few of my 24/192 FLACS (which I know normally play fine) and none of them will play; I just get complete silence for the duration of the track. All my 16/44 files play fine and sound great. I've setup Squeezelite properly and selected the correct Audio output HiFiberry device. My ALSA settings are the defaults for the selected DAC. I've done an exhaustive Google search for similar problems but nothing applicable comes up.

Anybody come across this problem ?


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