DAC+ ADC Play music with Raspotify while also hearing sound comming in over phone-jack

Hi all, 

First a bit of background on what I am trying to achieve:

I have an old amp with only one AUX I can use. I hooked this up to a manual audio source selector switch to be able to add multiple audio sources to the amp's AUX.


I mainly use 2 audio sources: 1) Spotify from a rpi 2) the TV.

I wanted to cut out the manual source selector switch by buying a DAC+ ADC.

Train of thoughts: Connect the rpi straight to my amp, connect the TV to the phone-jack on the DAC+ ADC. Make it so I can easely switch between  raspotify and the phone-jack as input. (If possible: automate ==> Always select raspotify as the source, if sound is detected on the phonejack ==> switch this to the output.)


Just play both sources through the speakers at the same time. Nice and easy?

What I tried so far:

1) MoOde
I tried mOode because it has a input selector option. However, if I switch to the TV input ==> lots of crackling / poping and finaly goes sillent.

2) standard Raspbian
played with "alsaloop -v -t 50000" to route the TV to my speakers:
This gives a lot less crackle but... also dies after a while (bus error).

3) standard Raspbian
installed pulseaudio
run command:
pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1
to run the sound of the TV to my speakers: Sounds a lot better then my alsaloop attempt. No crackling, keeps running.

4) Raspbian with pulseaudio.
Now that I have clear sound from the TV (PulseAudio), I want to make it so that I can hear raspotify (ALSA) together with the sound of the TV.
This however got me beat...

If anyone has any fresh ideas, please throw me a hand ;D I've been at it for days in a row by now.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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