Raspberry Pi 4 & HifiBerry AMP2 - power supply: linear & battery

I`m thinkig about getting the HifiBerry AMP2 to deal with two integrated full range speakers (Visaton FR-10-4-ohm    https://www.visaton.de/en/products/drivers-accessories/fullrange-systems/fr-10-4-ohm ) for the sound box project with my son (the raspberry will deal with the connectivity, an integrated touchscreen as user-interface, the operating system to limit internet access).


If I am not mistaking the power supply of the HifiBerry AMP2 is in between 12-24V and the raspberry pi runs on 5V. Can the raspberry pi be run with the power supply of the HifiBerry AMP2 (I want to prevent to have various power supply units)? And if so, I wanted to know how this is done and if there is an alternative to the AMP2 which would inverse the power supply form the raspberry pi to the AMP (run on 5V)... it seems to be more logic to me - maybe I am wrong!!!


further on:

to get a possible battery power supply, this will engage the same problems... trying to get more autonomy by using low consuming elements..



Is there an AMP for speakers with an additional on-board headphone exit (3,5mm)?


Maybe someone can help me on this issue.....







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