DACplusADCpro click noise



I have a problem with the DACplusADCpro.


I successfully run a Pi 3B+ with a DACplusADC (kernel 4.19.85, Brutefir) without any problem.

Changing to the DACplusADCpro (incl. the proper overlay) The output sends continuously repeating clicks in case of no input signal. With input signal the clicks are less showy but still there.

The click rate changes with the samplerate, at 96000 the rate is about every 2 seconds.

What is a possible reason? Please remember: with DACplusADC there is no such problem.

How does the DACplusADCpro handle the switching of the clock sources according to the samplerates?

What is the meaning of the different (non-documented) controls shown up by amixer? Is there a control which may help in this case?

Thanks for any help.




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