Final Degree Project with Hifiberry Beocreate

Hi there!

Finally I'm finishing my studies of Product Design Model Making and I though to make a personal Media Center with the Beocreate Board and I'm here because I need some help :)

During the summer I moved to a new home, and after recovering my grandfather's amplifier from a container (a Pioneer SA-608 from 1979) I discovered that it doesn't work well and to repair it it's going to be expensive. I already have a Raspberry Pi 3 with OSMC on my TV so I thought to use the Amp2 to connect my grandfather's speakers (a pair of Pioneer HPM-50). But after some research I decided to use better the Beocreate.

My idea is to make a case and install everything like this:

The thing is that last year I bought a pair of Bluetooth 8BitDo Gamepad so I would like to have a pair of USB on the front case to connect the gamepads in case the battery is gone and I though to include a 4 Port USB HAT like this: https://www.waveshare.com/usb-hub-hat.htm

Also, I was thinking on implement something from the old amplifier in the case design so I though to add an On/Off switch and a volume control in the front case so here is my question...

...It is possible to implement the USB HAT, the switch and the volume control through the GPIO from the Beocreate?

Thanks in advance and good sunday for everyone!!!



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