AMP2 no sound with Volumio

Some days ago I switched from Kodi to Volumio (sounds better on my other USB dacs) on my RP3 with AMP2. All worked well before with Kodi.

Unfortunately I got into problems after installing Volumio (2.452). After first installing and starting it all up via Wifi and installing Spotify connect plugin all worked smooth and fine. But… after a reboot I got no sound at al. Looked at several forums and webpages for answers and tried most suggestions (selecting different dac, installing equalizer plugin, reboot after deselecting I2S etc). This gives no result but no sound or this error message:

Error failed to open “alsa”[alsa]; Failed to open ALSA device “hw:1,0”: No such file or directory.

Some extra info. The AMP2 worked well for quite a while with Kodi before and like said worked after the first boot of Volumio, so I would suspect no hardware issue here.

Does anyone have a solution for this frustrating issue? Thanks!


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