Which SBC are potentially compatible with Digi+ pro?

Hello to the community,


I have a digi+ pro and i am really happy with it, but my rasp 3 lacks a little bit of power as i use it also for movies not only music, it does not decode h265, nor 4k. The digi+ is plugged on my receiver with optical/rca cable as it does not have hdmi inputs.


A lot of sbc manufacturers claim to be fully compatible with raspberry pi 3, including with gpio port. I know this is not true, thanks to Daniel, because it's more complicated.

Asus Tinker board is now compatible with digi+ pro since version 2.05 of their OS, but there are a lot of potential issues with Tinker board as i can see on forums, and it's quite expansive.

So, do you know, guys, if there are others sbc that could be ok with digi+, as nanopi ( whatever series) from Friendly arm, or Hardkernel etc...and which OS would be suited ? 

I don't want Android as OS, i really prefer Linux based one:)

Do you have any interesting experience?

Thanks a lot.


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