DAC+ PRO OUTPUT LOSS after a perion of time

Hi all,

Since i am using your DAC+PRO for a professional application i am strugling to figure out what problem my system has.

Using RASPI 3B, with updated HIFIBERRY Commandline image (APT Update, Upgrade) and a DAC+PRO

When i boot the PI, eveything workes fine, no issues at all...however after a perion of time (2 or 3 days) the soundcard looses connection to the system resuling the LED on the board to go OFF and no audio comes through.

The SW using the DAC says he can't find the sound device anymore.

I use SSH to login and the RPI workes fine, exept the DAC+

A reboot fixes the problem for another 3 days......(or 4)

Can anybody help me find out what the cause of this problem can be ?



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