AWG for Stereo CX100 setup

Hi all, 

I am planning convert my CX100 to stereo mode, but I get some doubts while planning it.

According to the page https://www.cirris.com/learning-center/calculators/133-wire-resistance-calculator-table (that appears in a post where the wire gague is mentioned) the AWG of the wires should be 20 (the Mini XLR cable in shop is 5 meters, it should be multiply by 2 and convert to feet, that makes 25) to be under 0.5 Ohm.

Then my question is, is not too much to make the soldering in the Mini XLR connector? (in some pins we must solder two wires in one pin).

Or maybe I am totally wrong and I misunderstood it?


Thank you!


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