HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP : vertical bi-amp in digital

Hi, this product seems quite good !

But I don't know exactly the number of digital channels ?

My project is to make bi-amp with 2 FDA ; so to avoid to "cross" the output of FDA (FDA 1 L -> Tweeter and Medium L ; FDA 2 L -> Boomer L and FDA 1 R -> Tweeter and Medium R ; FDA 2 R -> Boomer L)

I would like to cross the signal before sending it to the amplifier : 

(FDA 1 L -> Tweeter and Medium L ; FDA 1 R -> Boomer L and FDA 2 L -> Tweeter and Medium R ; FDA 2 R -> Boomer R)

In fact, in case of passiv bi-amp, I need to send twice left signal on first FDA and twice right signal on the second FDA.

So, I can put the amplifier directly in the speaker.


Second project is to create a car system with 4 channel and adding a treatment (in the DSP) for each channel.

We can see several connectors on the board, but no information about them.

Thank you

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