Measurement problems with Airplay output in REW Room EQ Wizard

ciao hifiberry

after downloading the dsptoolkit, i followed the doc about REW: 


configured DSP-profile is ~/dsp/beovox-cx100.xml

with stereo adjustment. 

In REW I select "AirPlay" as Output Device to measure the stereo CX100 and beocreate 4Ch amp and get weird results with 4 different mics. 


I did not hear any pops or clicks.

I tested the Airplay Output via Ableton Live with .wav files of Grey Noise and linear 20-20k sweep and I was able to monitor frequencies above 2kHz. But actually ears alone are prooving, that there is content

What am I doing wrong? 

(While writing this, I will try to monitor/mic-measure de REW sweep via Ableton tomorrow)

Btw, my soundcard is calibrated and I also did another test measurement on my Focal Shape Twin Speakers, which worked out.

Best wishes




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