Boot problems when using DAC+ with official 7" touchscreen

Hi all,

My two DAC+ installations work without any problems with Volumio since a long time. Now I'm using an official 7" Raspberry Touchscreen on one of them  I discover serious problems.

System boots and I can use the GUI but no audio is played,  most often the system does not boot at all and the screen stays black until the next try. Sometimes, let's say 1:10 tries, it boots and all works fine but this happens seldom.

I'm afraid the DAC+ is the suspect because all works fine when I select audio playback via the phone connector on the RPi board and not the DAC+.

On the Volumio forum there is a discussion going on and founder Michelangelo is watching too. I refer to that posting for all my tries so far, my username on that forum is VoluHans.

Does anyone have suggestions to solve this?

Regards, Hans.

Volumio thread: https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-doesn-always-boot-t10485-20.html 


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