Amp2 vs beocreate

I have a pair of jbl4401 monitors speakers.
I believe they have a nominal impedence of 8homs and rated at 60W.
At the moment they are powered with a Marantz Pm5004, rated 90W, and I barely push it half way twice a year.
I'm not a super audiophile but I a read that these speakers need quite a bit of current to, and are to a certain extend, made to be pushed. In other words it seems to work better with amps rather on the aggressive side that the smooth one.
but all this is internet saying.

I just wonder if the Amp2 will be powerful enough or will it suffer to move these speakers?
I also consider the beocreate but do not intend to cut the crossover od create a custom dsp so it seems overrated.

Thanks for your recommendations.


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