with the new DAC+DSP there should be SPDIF IN which should allow you to integrate your TV in your Pi music system with the benefit of DSP.

But at this point, I am not sure how one would use the DAC+DSP correctly, I would like to


      # have a network streaming client / spotify connect on the Pi 

      # receive my 2.0 TV Audio Signal with the DAC+DSP

      # toggle between network mode and TV mode


For example, if I am streaming Spotify (e.g. with Volumio) and I turn on the TV, the TV should "overrule" Spotify and the TV audio should be played. If i turn off the TV, I should be able to stream again without a reboot. This is one of the many things most AVRs can do, but it would be interesting if this would be possible with the DAC+DSP.

This leads to my questions:


      # how does the DAC+DSP handle the input if it gets two signals (via Pi and   SPDIF in)?


     # is there any software for the pi which allready allows for something like that?


Any comments and Inptus are appreciated! I thought it is best to ask before ordering and to use the time till the DAC+DSP is released to read up about all the details. DSP (e.g. miniDSP) is no stranger to me, but the pi world is fairly new to me - so please be gentle ;)

Thanks and regards,



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