Some concern + help needed

After the summer heat I picked up the project Friday again. Before all worked just fine, but since then only problems:

1. I downloaded the latest image file installed it on a SSD and put it in a new Pi Zero WH. The Pi simply wouldn't work, so I decided to send it back.

With the same SSD the Pi 3 didn't start the system either. The memory card was not accessible anymore (also in a PC and Mac)!

2. Next try: install same image to another SSD card. No succes. The SSD card became extremely warm.

3. So try to install the image file again. The micro SSD got even more extremely hot! It almost melted two adapter in the PC (tried twice). Second SSD lost!

4. Note: both SSD's had been used for the Pi and Beocreate solemnly.

5. Bought a new SSD yesterday, installed a previously downloaded Beocreate image. The Pi 3 seems to start...….. but all the lights (Pi and Beocreate) go out after 1/2 minutes. Parts of the Pi becoming extremely hot within these 1 to 2 minutes...…. so I abandoned the startup.

6. Reinstalled Raspbian on the SSD and tried to start the Pi. No response..... the Pi is dead?

7. The Beocreate-board adapters out = 18V 


Had a working RL6000 stereo system. 

How can I check if a Beocreate board works correct? I know they working without a Pi. But do simply will not work with a Pi anymore!

Is the actual, latest build Beocreate software correct?


I was in the process of finishing the project and  wanted to close the RL6000 again...……… but this has thrown me back to zero...…. 

I could buy new stuff to replace the broken part, but what is my guarantee on succes?

please advice.









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