HifiBerry OS and SpotifyD Configuration

I've recently installed the latest HifiBerry OS on my Pi 3B with a DAC+ Pro board. I must say, I was very impressed with how things have moved on and how smooth this system runs. Well done, guys!

Previously, I was running Raspian with another Spotify Connect project called "raspotify". This enabled me to edit the config file and configure settings such as the bitrate, in order to ensure that I was streaming at the best quality.

With HifiBerry OS, there are not yet any options to configure the SpotifyD settings from the web interface. Must this be done therefore at the CLI? Basically, I just want to make sure that volume normalisation is off, volume control is linear and the bitrate is set to 320kbps. There is a command for the bitrate, but I'm not sure whether this is actually working, as there doesn't seem to be a way to report the current setting.

From the SpotifyD documentation, I see that there is a way to add a configuration text file, but I am unsure of what to put for some of the settings. Perhaps you could kindly help me with the correct settings?

username = USER
password = PASS
backend = alsa
device = # Given by `aplay -L`
mixer = PCM
volume-control = alsa_linear
device_name = # HifiBerry OS seems to override this anyway
bitrate = 320
cache_path = # What is this?
volume-normalisation = false
normalisation-pregain = # presume 0?


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