"Raspberry Pi Hi-Fi Berry" audio option in "ZONES" appears then disappears rapidly

Windows 10 64-bit; Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz 16.0 GB RAM
Norton 360 Firewall

Roon Version - 1.7 (build 505) stable

Hardwired via TP-LINK TLSG1008 8 Port Gigabit Switch

Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry DAC+ – Pro

The option to select the “Raspberry Pi Hi-Fi Berry” audio option in ROON “ZONES” appears for about 1/2 second then disappears rapidly. This repeats about once every 8-10 seconds. My PC configuration has not changed. This issue just started happening within the last few days.

NOTE: I temporarily disabled Norton360 firewall. Doing so did not resolve this issue. I have also rebooted all PC and networking equipment and rebooted the RaspberryPi.

Additional Note: In the Roon Audio Settings page under “Other Network Devices” there is a new (disabled) option named: HiFiBerry (ShairportSync) via Airplay, Nothing happens when I try to enable it. I’ve left it disabled.

Any suggestions for resolving this issue?



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