HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA Version + Amazon RPi Echo

I would like to replace my aging Logitech Media Server which runs on Raspberry Pis and HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA Version with Amazon Raspberry Pi Echo as the players.  I have got most of this to work using Echo multi-room but my whole house amplifier needs to be powered on and off depending is music is playing.

Currently I do this by picking up the hardware point on the HiFiBerry board that drives the "music playing" LED.  This feeds an Arduino which n turn (after doing some other things) activates a relay and that powers up the amp.  The Arduino also activates an RF remote that then powers up my two subwoofers and it all works beautifully and has done for 5 years,  It never fails.

I am therefore dependent upon HiFiBerry to turn on my sound system.  Without it, nothing will power up.

The long explanation over, my question:  Can my HiFiBerrys be made to work with the Raspberry Pi Echo?  If yes then I shall proceed with my changeover.

I use PiCorePlayer to feed audio to the amp and this has a HiFiBerry option.  I have thus never setup a Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry from zero.  That is why I am asking here.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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