HifiBerryOS 20191121 and REW TosLink


I have a Beocreate board since a couple of week and I have some questions/comments to post here.

Using the last HifiBerryOS (version 20191121) I could not apply REW filters because of errors in the Python code of dsptoolkit. I’m using REW version 5.19. If you apply  the suggested profile “fullrange-extended.xml” (I could not find it anymore so I used another one following the forum) Toslink  input is disabled. I need the Toslink input otherwise I cannot connect the external computer running REW. Am I missing something?

I would be nice if the most common program/profile for the DSP can be applied using the web interface. With the new HifiBerryOS I saw there are two program for DSP in the web interface. Very nice J. However, for one of them Toslink is disabled and I am not sure if these programs are compatible or dangerous to use with REW filters. Doc are missing or not easily reachable.

I would kindly suggest a better organization of the documents/guides in order to maintain everything updated with the software releases (a kind of wiki). Some old article/information I found are now wrong and they just confuse users. I think Beocreate is very versatile and powerful (but not cheap), it deserves a better documentation.


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