The definite portable speaker solution

 HI folks,

first of all a great thank you to the Hifi Berry people that have released these amazing products. I have just received my AMP2 and its already connect to a coupel of theather speakers I had hanging around. Installed piCOrePlayer on the Pi3+AMP2 and it connects to my Logitech Media Server. All controlled through my Squeeze android app. Works like a dream. But here's the challenge.

I want to create a portable speak and I have a few questions (I browsed the whole AMP list yesterday and didn't find the right answers so hope you'll bear with me):

a) I want a power supply in the speak box rather than external - I've hear that the linear power supplies are better than the switch power supplies (I currently have on of these old laptop power supplies feeding the AMP). Would it be better to have a relatively cheapish (£20-30) linear power supply feeding the portable speak or should I just stick with the old laptop power supply?

b) I want a little LED on the Pi3 (drill hole in speaker) to show when the thing is on. What pins would I attached the LED to?

c) piCorePlayer claims that its design to allow power being removed without proper shutdown as it runs only in memory. Would you concur that putting a switch on the 220V inlet to the power supply will be ok? Or should I seek to install a button on the Pi3 that runs the "shutdown -h now" command? That would shut down the Pi3 but not the AMP, correct?

d) Finally, the speakers - I was thinking of using those stereo ceiling speakers like these: https://www.valuestores.uk/shop/q-install-qi1180-qi65p-6-5-performance-in-ceiling-stereo-speaker-single-square-grille/ what do you think?


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