Which speakers to use with AMP2

So, excuse me if i should had found this on the search. Which i tried but couldn't find it. I'm so sorry :)

That being said: Over to the question. So I'm planning to buy speakers as components to build in a cabinet in my bedroom. Driving these with a HifiBerry.I'm powering over 18v 3.3 amps == 60 watts.

What i don't really understand what i need to look for in speakers (seperate components without the housing around it). I know my best bet would be on 8ohm, because those are easier to drive than 4 ohms, correct?

But what else do i need to look for. Do i need to look for a max of 30watts RMS (because 60watt/2 = 30 watts)? Or can i just hookup whatever xxxWatt/xxxWatt RMS speaker i like, meaning watts don't matter? I'm quite confused.

Thanks for your support and again, if i should have found this online, please let me know! Thanks for you time :-)



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