Digi IO stops playing when there is no input signal

Hi everyone,

I have a Digi IO connected to a Raspberry PI 3B+. It's running raspian buster.
Sound is playing through pulseaudio and then broadcasted to other raspi's in the network as part of a custom multiroom installation. This part works fine for now.

However I'd like to broadcast audio from my tv as well. Therefore I need to connect the tv to the Digi IO and switch the cards pulseaudio profile from output:iec958-stereo to output:iec958-stereo+input:iec958-stereo.

As soon as I switch the profile the playback stops when the tv is turned off and no input is provided. Playback resumes - sometimes with huge delay - when I turn the tv on. Stops again when I turn it back off. Playback also resumes immediately when switching back to the output:iec958-stereo profile.

My current kernel version is 5.3.11-v7+. The same problems occurred with the latest stable (4.19.84-v7+) and all previous kernels that I've tried as well.

I'm not sure on how to continue with this issue and could not find any similar issues when search the forums. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


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