Using speakers of Sony CMT-NEZ50 with Amp2 ?

Hi HifiBerry team,

First, love your products for RPi !

I have the opportunity to recycle speakers of a micro HiFi Sony CMT-NEZ50 system and connect them to a RPi Zero + Amp2 + 60W power supply to build a Max2Play player.

According to the Operating Intructions provided by Sony (https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/res/manuals/2663/26637041M.pdf), speakers are 6 ohms and they can work at 2x18W (DIN power), 2x25W (RMS power) or 2x38W (Music power) (internal amp specifications).

My question. With a 60W power supply, can I use these speakers with the HifiBerry Amp2 ? Are 6ohms speakers be compatible ? And is power output would be OK between speakers and Amp2 ?

Thanks in advance



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