Digi + Pro GPIO pins used



I'm trying to use Volumio plugin "GPIO pins" to be able to shutdown volumio with single button. I don't need other pins, just one.


Whatever pin I use it disables output of Digi +Pro card, i.e. music cannot be played.

I found this similar post:



Can you confirm that pins stated in liked post are used for digi+pro also, and only mentioned pins must be avoided when GPIO shutdown plugin is used?


And one more thing, I want to use Digi card separated from RPi, so which are the pins I must connect by wires? This one:

setgpio 2 ALT0 UP # I2C communication DAC chip
setgpio 3 ALT0 UP # I2C communication DAC chip
setgpio 6 INPUT DEFAULT # do not use, reserved for Master clock
setgpio 18 ALT0 DEFAULT # I2S
setgpio 19 ALT0 DEFAULT # I2S
setgpio 20 ALT0 DEFAULT # I2S
setgpio 21 ALT0 DEFAULT # I2S


Thank you!



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