HifiBerryOS Squeezelite volume mute on pause

I've got a RPi 3B with a DAC+ setup with the 20191030 HifiBerryOS, and it was super easy to get running with my Logitech Media Server using Squeezelite. If anything it sounds better than my original Squeezebox 3.

It's great that I can also stream Bluetooth and Airplay, but I ran into a problem that prevents me from freely switching between playing from LMS and Bluetooth.

The problem is that when I pause Squeezelite (or a Bluetooth stream starts while Squeezelite is playing) the master volume is muted, and a new Bluetooth stream is not audible unless I open the web interface and manually turn it back up. Squeezelite seems to do the right thing, turning the volume down when paused then restoring it when unpaused. But the Bluetooth process doesn't seem to know how to handle this correctly.

Here's an example timeline:

  1. start playing LMS
  2. start playing BT stream from phone: 
  3. BT stream identified on HifiBerryOS webpage
  4. Squeezelite automatically pauses, LMS interface paused (this works quite well)
  5. HifiBerry volume muted
  6. start playing LMS
  7. BT stream automatically pauses
  8. HifiBerry volume restored

Is there a way to turn off this mute/unmute behavior so I can (for example) switch back and forth between listening to a podcast over BT and using LMS? Or is there a way to get the Bluetooth service to restore the volume automatically when it starts playing a stream?



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