DAC + ADC Pro + HiFiBerryOS Issues

Received the DAC + ADC Pro.  I paired it with RPi 3B+ and loaded it with HiFiBerryOS.  It's an easy setup (immediately available for Spotify, and WiFi set up was straightforward), but I ran into the following issues:

  1. There are static noise on both channels, like heartbeats.  Would it be related to the power from the RPi.  Would an external power just for the DAC help?  If so, is the "-5V+" pins (right on top corner of the "H" of the HiFiBerry mark) for power input?
  2. HiFiBerryOS web interface (for Spotify) would not let me control play, back and next song.  Note, I did login to Spotify with my Premium account.

Please advise.





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