HyPerformance HifiBerry install

After owning a Hifiberry Digi for multiple years now, it was time to build a better case for it. Since day 1 I was using a HD47780-compatible 20x4 line LCD, which stoot loose in front of the raspberry.

Parts list:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3B
  2. Hifiberry Digi B+
  3. RemotePi power board, including IR-receiver
  4. Aluminium case (68*145*200mm)
  5. HD47780-compatible LCD 4x20 characters, white on blue with I2C-adapter
  6. Generic 5 volt / 35W psu

At the moment it's still a work in progress, since I'm waiting for some parts before I can continu.

I'm running OSMC as the OS. The RemotePi makes it possible to use an universal remote, like a Logitech Harmony. But more importantly for me, it also makes it possible to switch the Pi on and off with the remote. And when I initiate a soft power off, the Pi actually really turns off.


The internals:

The Hifiberry and RemotePi wil move to the vero-board as soon as I receive the correct connectors. And in the empty space between the front and Pi, there will be a PSU installed.

The unit closed.


Running in dimmed mode.


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