Understanding DSP and SigmaStudio

Hi there,

first of all I love the DAC+ DSP and the whole idea behind it! Thanks for offering hardware like this!

I managed to get the dsptoolkit and hardware volume control running on a Pi 3 with Volumio, after installing the dacdsp-default.xml profile.

Now I need a bit of help to understand how to work with dsptoolkit and SigmaStudio. And the architecture behind it in general.

1) The DAC+ DSP can be used without the dsptoolkit and (?) the DSP by Volumio/moode audio. Does the dsptoolkit configure and enable the communication between Volumio and the DSP for the hardware volume control?

2) What's the difference between the XML-Files and the SigmaStudio dspproj-Files? 

3) Do I need to install a XML-File before making changes with SigmaStudio?
Which one do I use?

4) What is the params-File for? Is it generated by SigmaStudio?

5) HifiberryOS looks also nice. Will there be local music, like network-shares and so on, also included in the future?


Thank you in advance!


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