General advice for a multiroom setup and HiFiberryOs + nextcloud server music storage

Hi ,

I've been keeping a keen eye on Hifiberry for a while now, especially HifiberryOs for a project to replace my current Sonos speakers.

Originally after some research I was heavily leaning towards Volumio as the software for my project but I keen to use HifiberryOs if i can fit my needs.

Volumio does have a lot of unnecessary option that i wont use hence me wanting to use HifiberryOs.

What I want to achieve is a single speaker unit with other single speaker units in other rooms that have the potential to sync audio similar to Sonos. The hardware will be a Raspberry Pi 3b/4 , Hifiberry amp2 , a single speaker , custom made housing , and gpio buttons to control volume and play/pause. Audio sources will be internet radio and a Nextcloud server that I have most of my music stored on ( I'm not sure if I can play music from the Nextcloud to the speakers but it is possible to make them available via samba , so I'm not sure how feasible this setup is )

I'm comfortable in building the unit and I know that  only certain gpio's are available as some are used by the amp. In volumio I know I can configure the gpio use and use a plugin for audio sync between units and it might be possible to play audio from the nextcloud server if it see's it as a NAS device also via a plugin I can convert stereo to one speaker output  .

Is any of the this possible with HifiberryOS either now or in the future ?

my Questions are :

1. can I configure gpio use for buttons in HifiberryOs?

2.I have no problem setting up a server device to push nextcloud stored music to the speaker units but is this possible and what server software is the way to go , LMS?

3. what options are there for speaker units multiroom sync I see that Squeezebox is included and provides this sort of functionality but has development been abandoned on that project ? is Snapcast an option here ? is HifiberryOs looking to include snapcast ?

4.my understanding of LMS is that it would be installed on a server device and then push audio to the speaker clients that run HifiberryOs , so to play NAS music  you would view the webinterface  given by the LMS but then if I want to play web radio I would view the speaker units webinterface provided by HifiberryOS is this correct ?

5. will HifiberryOs potentially in the future provide a server side OS option so all speaker units can be controlled from one source ?

6. finally is it possible in HifiberryOs to configure a single speaker output


thanks in advance for any advice ,

I like to really workout all my options before I buy all the hardware so I can buy all I need at the same time .



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