Im so disappointed with hifiberry


I really loved the idea about recycling my grandpa´s CX100 speakers. But I wish I had read on the forum before purchasing. I really dont understand why you are continuing selling this product when its clearly not working well?

I bought the BeoCreate 4-Channel Amplifier and installed the beocreate-image in my RPI. But I never got it working despite using a ton of hours on this. 

In general im really missing a YT- video that is continueing where https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-QrUHW8FTE is stopping. It just provides a link to something that clealy does not work in the end.

Some of my issues:

-When I turn on the power its starting up with a really loud sound followed by a voice saying " the IP of this sound system is...." (without givin any IP)

(I would love to stop this sound and the not working IP anouncment.)

-when connecting with bluetooth it works fine for a few minutes then the connection suddenly stops. Then I have to reconnect before I can listen to music again.

-finally It is impossible for me to connect to the Beosetup..


In general im just missing a step-by-step video that is showing the full procedure of setting up this system. Especially the software, since the hardware is quite well described,.

Best regards Rasmus

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