Using a Digi + with a Raspberry Pi as an SBT Clone

Hi I have made an SBT clone with a Raspberry Pi 3+ , 7" Touch Screen , HifiBerry Digi Hat . Using Picore Player as the software this performs and works like a Squeezebox Touch player with Digital out which feeds my music system DAC.

Now in my music system I have two digital sources , a Theta CD transport abd the SBT Clone outlined above . I also use a Digital Room Corrector unit which analyses the sound in the room and applies a digital filter to correct the acoustic issues of the room .

My problem is that the Digital Room  collector only has a single optical in put which currently is fed by my SBT Clone . The Theta Basic does not have an optical out only a coaxial SPDIF.

As the Digi + has both SPDIF and Optical inputs what I wanted to know is would I be able to use the SPDIF input to send the digital signal from my CD transport in to the Raspberry Pi and then get that as an output from the Digi plus Optical out ? Would I be able to control and switch over the input signal and the already designated ouptu directly form the Pi which is done using the PiCore Player ?

Any assistance you can offer would be very helpful .

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